Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

High today: -8
Low today: -19

While I had plans of going out into the mountains today for an exciting overnight solstice ski trip with the potential of seeing some amazing aurora and racing the daylight to the destination, I've been detered by an unhappy foot which isn't letting me do any physical activity. This got me pretty depressed yesterday and very ready to go back east, which right now is looking slim of getting there for Christmas day. The airports I am supposed to go through are both bottle necked with people from major flight cancellations, setting passengers back several days. At this rate, I'm bracing to be stuck somewhere through the 26th, preferably Fairbanks, so I'm not stuck alone in a foreign place. Because let's face it, that would really blow spending Christmas by myself in an airport far away from either of my "homes".

But all is not bad, because I am getting a lot of down time which hasn't happened in a long long time. Today, the Large Animal Research Station up the road was having an open house so Matt, Karen and I went to see the big furry creatures of the North. Santa's reindeer are totally ready for Christmas.
These little dudes are my favorite - musk oxen! I saw one in the wild on the Seward Peninsula from far away which was uber cool. I have to say, the baby below is totally my favorite.
One let us get up close and personal with him, hanging out by the fence.
And now for some entertainment. If you didn't know already, I have quite the collection of pictures in front of large wild animals. It all started with the moose on the Coastal Trail in Anchorage in 2006...Then the elk in Elk County, PA. February 2007. when LeeAnn, Cat, and I were seriously driving around looking for them. There MUST be elk in Elk County.. and sure 'nough there were!So today, I was able to bag the musk ox photo...
AND the reindeer!
Granted they were not "in the wild" like the other two, but let's just pretend for now that they can stay in the collection of large furry creature pictures. Touche?

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Carlene said...

That last picture with the reindeer could have been adjusted just a bit to make it look like YOU were the one with the antlers! (LOL!)