Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caught Between a Moose and the Pathway to Nowhere

High today: 8 F
Low today: -7 F

Something about sharing a yard with wildlife is really awesome. This big lady was just hanging out across from my car as I was trying to load up the trunk for a bike ride. I felt like I was disturbing her space.. so tried to be as quiet as possible loading up the car and kind of felt guilty starting the car to warm it up as pollutants spewed into her air. Since I don't have a pet, I'll take the ones that swing by. There's a little red fox that hangs out in the driveway, too! :-)
Below is a video of the moose just chillin' and chomping on some bits of tree? Towards the end her ears pop up.

As it seems that moose come in twos, this sucker decided to cross the road in front of me. Thank goodness for anti-lock brakes!After all of that animal excitement, Debbie and I went down to the river again to bike since conditions looked great yesterday. We got a nice long ride in.And enjoyed neat ice formations in the river...


Anonymous said...

There are always tons of moose in that spot!

Anonymous said...

that was Karen by the way.

Val said...

I love your pet moose!