Monday, January 5, 2009

Kayaking with the Gators and Swimming with the Dolphins at Latitude 24

High today (at FMY): 81 F
Low today (at FMY): 63 F

Everything this break so far has gone wonderfully as planned. Thanks to my friend Debbie, I was able to get a flight down to south-central FL to visit my sister Val, and bro in law, Keith! Being about 5000 miles away from home made me want to bust out singing to the song we all know well by the Proclaimers. But alas, I digress.
First day here we went kayaking down the Myakka River, a place flowing like the Chena River (barely flowing at all) swarming with gators, which I had never seen before. Needless to say I was as nervous about the gators as my first time hiking in bear country. Kayaking was fun and I saw enough gators to crave my taste of danger for the time being. I've decided that I like large mammals better because you can read their body language. I stayed as far away as the big gators as possible but had to of course pose by the baby gator... the other kayakers informed me that they won't do anything at that size.. not sure I believe them 100% but in any case, this little guy stayed still the entire time enjoying his time as a star.More gators lined up along the beach, taking a high noon siesta in the sun.Val and I spent every other morning on the beach soaking up some vitamin D. I'm no longer the whitest white girl on the beach, woo!
One of the nights my friend Rena from Fairbanks(!) and her sister came to meet us for dinner at my favorite restaurant down here. She is originally from FL and they were on their way south to take her sister back to school.Otherwise Val, Keith and I spent loads of time relaxing, rocking out on Guitar Hero, and being entertained by the furry ones in the house. It was beneficial to sit back and chill out for awhile!Got animals??
Mmm grapefruit straight off the tree!

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