Friday, January 16, 2009


I think we all have a long list of "people to see" when we go back to where we used to live. There are a few people who are a "must" to see for me no matter how short the trip. The following ones are those who are my "family" and have made a big impression on my life. First off, we have the Moytas, the girls of whom I babysat for many many years since I was 13. As you can see, the girls are all grown up - Liz is in her first year of college now! So weird but so neat. Their parents saw me grow up and it was like having little sisters with these girls and it still is!
Below are the Oblaks, who adopted me as their "other daughter" years ago. I babysat Emily for a few years but abandoned that for Anchorage and my first meteo internship.. which in the end brought me back to Alaska. Another "little sis" of mine most definitely.Of course, we can't forget to mention the biological family. I feel very lucky to have seen all 6 of my immediate family plus husbands/fiancees and niecelets. I am more than ecstatic to have us all together in October for Maria's wedding! My parents and I below.. a picture at which I was very happy to be able to take after not wanting to before I first moved in January.And the babies.. can't tell you how different life has been since they entered it nearly 5 years ago. Little mini-mes in a way, running around challenging your knowledge, being so darn cute, and reminding you of the simplicity of life!May we all meet again in October!

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Maria said...

I can't wait until everyone is together too, I am so looking forward to it!! It was great having you home, miss you already!!!