Sunday, July 19, 2009

Berry tasty

There's not a lot of berries in my container at this point.. but collected more :)

Birgitte, Fredrick and I landed ourselves at the McKay Creek Trailhead today to pick some berries. I didn't know exactly where I was driving to today, but somewhere other than town.. and somewhere with berries! One of my coworkers mentioned there were berries up the Steese somewhere.. though I know I drove a little too far. It has been one too many perfect weather weekends spent in town, and there are too many places nearby to explore. This is actually Birgitte's last weekend in town before moving to New Mexico, and who wants to pack when we can go pick berries?! Here's Birgitte and Fredrick scouting out raspberry bushes.
The fireweed was awesome up in this area. I love when there are just fields and fields of it.
Berry picking involved a little bit of bushwacking, but very low key terrain. I'm able to get around again!! Still working on being able to bike.... but at least I am able to hike on easy terrain! For the first time in my life, I am able to go uphill faster than downhill.

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