Thursday, July 9, 2009

I rode my bike today!!!

Until Monday, it was three weeks since I was able to make a full pedal stroke on my bike. Today was my first "ride" on the trainer.. 20 mins! Yeah! I am not supposed to do more than that. Progress is good.

So what's been going on lately.. Fairbanks hit a record high temperature yesterday of 91 degrees, beating the record of 88. It was also the first day that Fairbanks hit 90 degrees since 1994. It has been smoky from wildfires lately too, so that, combined with the 91 degrees, made it look a little like Pittsburgh on what they call an "ozone action" day. It has been tough to sleep since the cabin was 85 degrees at night.Today I crashed a free dinner put on by my friend Becki for an Arctic Summer School.. and then decided that since there was actually wind in Fairbanks, to bust out my $2 kite. I knew it would come in handy. :) It was tricky to get up in the air since the wind was so erratic... and well, I definitely only got $2 worth of string.. so it couldn't go very high up anyway.
Upon leaving, I found what is my 2nd PA license plate sighting ever in AK. I did a double take, because it's the same colors as some of the AK license plates, and both are familiar. Wonder whose it is?I also finally blogged summer solstice.. see a few posts below!

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