Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fall foliage in the future

I made my flights for Maria and Bill's wedding today! Will be flying into PA on Tues Oct. 20th (evening) very much jetlagged as usual I'm sure, and leaving very very early Tues Nov. 3rd. Unfortunately my field work sits in this time frame, otherwise I would come back for longer. So here's the deal - this is my once a year trip and I'll be busy thru the wedding on the 24th. If you want to see me, please let me know ahead of time so I'm able to plan this short time well. Halloween weekend I am backpacking in Central PA with some good friends so either weekend is already planned out. I'm really really pumped to be back this time of year, because it's one of my favorites in the Mid-Atlantic with all the fall foliage. I can already visualize giant trees coated in red, orange and yellow speckles... and good company!

In other news, I am totally PUMPED that I was able to bike down my road a little ways today without it being completely painful to pedal. Maybe it's the brace that is helping or a tolerance that has built, but that 10 mins was the most refreshing 10 mins I've had in 6 weeks. I have not gone this long without biking since I was probably 17 years old. Maybe I will try to ride to work on Wednesday. Maybe not. Soon though..... very soon.

In other random news, if you or anyone you know is wanting to learn guitar but does not know where to start, I found this awesome video on YouTube that has very detailed instructions for learning chords. There's a part two as well but haven't checked that out yet. Enjoy!

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Jennifer said...

OK...I want to see you!!!!!