Thursday, July 30, 2009

A 5 mile start

High today: 77 F
Low today: 61 F
Above is my newest baby, bike #3.. aka first road bike ever (which is now being sold.. as noticed above). Poor thing has been ridden many more miles by one of my friends than I have ridden it. It was a killer-find at the bike swap this spring. I still haven't gotten used to the funky handlebars.. but it is a pretty bike.

Tonight there was supposed to be a group ride but it was canceled due to heavy smoke. I went out anyway, because I had put away time tonight to test the waters for a first official ride since the injury (44 days ago). Breathing was actually not difficult at all in the dense smoke conditions, but maybe it seemed easy to breathe because I was so focused on trying to make every stroke go straight and not in a funny angle, and I was not going very fast at all (though, I did pass someone on a mountain bike commuting home.. ;) ). I don't know how successful I would consider this mini-outing. It was a sparkle-and-fade kind of ride... I was totally pumped to have the wind in my face and all over my body and running through my helmet while wearing spandex, and part of me wanted to use all of the pedaling energy that has been built up in my legs, but at the same time, many strokes were uncomfortable and I was not able to keep a steady pace. Once I got about 2.5 miles out, I decided that it might be smart to turn back. 5 miles on a FLAT ROAD. That's all I could do, even with painkillers. What a bummer. I was RUNNING more than 5 miles regularly just a month and a half ago. I mean, I guess I had PT today so that was a little bit of work, but still. Guess riding to Valdez isn't going to happen this year. Well, go big or go home next summer, right?! The bike ride still picked me up a little bit and I'm glad to have tested the waters. The very very shallow waters! But you have to start somewhere....

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