Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No air, no air

Oh man! How the crap is it August already???

We're down to a half mile or less visibility due to wildfires surrounding town. Over 2.6 million acres have burned so far this summer in the state. The closest one is about 15 miles from my place. Lots of structures between there and here so we are fine. There was a huge orange cloud of doom that swept over Fairbanks last night, but I have no pictures since my camera was in the shop (and still not fixed, boo.) Well I'll call this crappy air quality good timing and make a run for it out of town! I should have something to blog about in two weeks. Catch ya on the flip side.... some pictures of the smoke...
Remember, this is SMOKE, not fog.
It is very strange to watch a ton of cyclists around town with breathing masks on. Even my driveway is obscured in smoke! I would call this more of a 1/4 mile vis. The last several days I have opened the door in the morning to find a flock(?) of grouse hanging out. What is that a sign of??? Any thoughts?? Does it have to do with the smoke or the summer ending soon?

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