Friday, August 28, 2009

Surgery Success!

Surgery went well today. It was a very easy process and I remember nothing! Last I remember was that the anesthesiologist said "this might sting a little going into the iv", and BOOM, out like a light! He said before I passed out that I would sleep for 10 mins or so and then likely be conscious. Nope! Completely passed out for the entire process and woke up as they were putting an ACE bandage on. I blame that on the exhaustion I went into the procedure with. It was a great nap! I was hoping to watch them, and see the little scope gadgets and tools, but my sleeping abilities hindered that from happening. I look forward to my doc appt tomorrow to hear if I really was passed out the entire time or just don't remember anything. Right now I am feeling really good other than not being able to keep any food down and a few minor side effects from meds. When I got out of the hospital I was ready to crutch a few laps around the building..... but someone said that wasn't a good idea... ha ha. :) I can't feel anything right now because the local anesthetic has most of my leg numbed up. Here's hoping that everything that was bothering me is now fixed for a happy knee and many more crazy miles. Thanks to everyone who has helped out thus far.. I'm not at home for a few days so if you want to provide entertainment, call the cell. :)

Here's to realistic visions of bike trips..... and maybe the Equinox next summer. I'm hoping to be back on the bike by the Equinox marathon in 3 weeks so I can ride around and harass everyone who is running to run faster. Just you wait. ;)


Laura said...

Happy to know you did well and that soon there will be more crazy adventure pictures and more good trips to follow up... keep the trips and adventrues coming they give a break from work so the more you post the longer the break I take, hehehe. Take care you.

Julie said...

Thanks Laura! (sorry to be so slow in replying.) As soon as I can I will be adventuring again.. not likely before snowfall but we'll see. Stay posted. ;) I am glad to be a distraction to work. How's Bruno?? (and Dave.) :)