Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scouting Out Grapefruit Rocks

High today: 67 F
Low today: 46 F
I was able to spend time with Carlene and Celine scouting out Grapefruit Rocks in between trips. This was merely an exploratory trip, but we had brought our climbing gear - rope, harnesses, and shoes anyway. It was a spectacular, autumn-feeling day without smoke and was one of those days that you are thankful to be spending outside. I long for more comfortable and non-smokey days of soaking up the sun, but know they will come soon to an end.

Carlene and Celine discuss potential routes up one of the tors.
The sun was so bright Carlene couldn't keep her eyes open!Leaf-miners were taking over all of the trees on the trail. They make a neat maze-like design in the leaves, but are destroying so many aspen, birch and willows.
Perfect weather day.

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