Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to hiking

Last weekend before I go on crutches and recovery so it was time to push the limits a little bit. Weird thing is, hiking doesn't bother me very much except for the steeper downhill stuff. I can power up uphills like there's nothing wrong. What a change. ;) You know what this means though, I might be forced to get good at running uphills.. a skill I have never possessed and never been too motivated to work on. Something good comes out of everything, right? ;) Although I've done this hike from Angel Rocks to CHS many times already and really wanted to run it earlier this year, it was still a very pleasant hike and perfect weather. And the company was good. Steffen is leaving soon to move to England - huge bummer! I've known that for awhile, though. Two women from Davis, CA who were working up on the slope with Steffen - Mary and Kat - joined us on the hike (err actually, it was their idea). They were LOADS of fun and had a lot of good stories. Mary reminded me of one of my old roommates. We ended up staying at the hot springs and bar until pretty late. There was some extremely good people watching at the hot springs.. ha! I will never cease to be amused by that activity.

Kat, Steffen and Mary up on the ridgeline.the awkward 'we don't know each other that well' group shotAnd on a happy note, I am sore. I love being sore. A feeling of accomplishment maybe?

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AP said...

Yay for a hike! A good workout for me is when I absolutely need a shower afterwards.