Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easterns This Weekend

High today: 52
Low this morning: 46
Weather: drizzly and can we say.. stratocu??

Hotttttttt. The Eastern Championship Mountain Bike Race Weekend is coming up! Easterns will always go down as the most eventful, most fun mountain bike races I've attended. It's the last race of the ECCC race season before nationals. I'm not going to nationals, I'll leave that to the fast racers. ;) But I WILL race the dual slalom course for the 2nd year in a row. Think a downhill mountain bike race, but instead of big rocks and dropoffs, there's dirt, berms, and jumps. FUN FUN FUN! I did it last year on a whim with my bud Ben Hoover and loved it. Completely wiped out on the trial run though and the boys caught this shot of me in mid-air. I look like I'm laughing.. I probably was.
Here's the actual run of the race last year. There's a video on youtube of the race and I print- screened these shots...
Will come back with some good pictures and videos from this final collegiate mountain bike race. :-)

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