Monday, October 22, 2007

Hoosier Daddy?

High today: 69
Low this morning: 44

This weekend a group of friends and I road tripped out to Bloomington Indiana (my furthest point west on the contiguous US!!) to watch PSU thrash up the IU Hoosiers. Ok, we didn't quite "thrash" them but we still won 36-31. My good buddy Spinelli is going to grad school at IU for geography so we crashed his place for the weekend. I also got to see my buds Joey and Kelly who I spent many hours with last year it seems - they are both at Purdue, doing that grad school thing and working. It was really nice to see the three Indianans. I wish I could have brought them back with me. Laura, one of my roomies from the last two years flew in from VA so she was with us too - it was quite the gathering!

Stomping on enemy territory

The Penn Staters with our awesome mascot.

I heart the Lion!

Oh, and BIG NEWS! My application materials as of today are FINALLY complete for UAF (everything made it up there after 2 weeks of nervousness) I was told I should know by November 10th-ish. Let's face it, that's not very far away.. 2.5 weeks and I know the time will fly by. EEK EEK! Are YOU excited?!

And of course, a super special birthday shoutout to my buddy LeeAnn up in Maine! Happy birthday you old fart!

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...Girl Up North... said...

I am NOT an old fart! hahaha... Thanks for the shout out, buddy. ;-)