Monday, October 8, 2007

Soakin' Up The Sun

High today: 88
Low this morning: 59

Most people around here were happy with the warm weather until recently, now my peers are wanting fall and winter, believe it or not! They're known for complaining about the cold but this Indian Summer has been pretty intense. Today has actually been beautiful, hot - went up to 88 and it's lingering around 85 right now, but the humidity is low so it's enjoyable.

This weekend I was supposed to go to Maine for a race, but plans fell through because of complications with drivers and not enough participation. But that was ok because despite my desperate want to go to Maine, Alexis and Jonathan were coming this weekend for a visit! Ashley was also in town, as well as Frank, and a few other alumni friends who live out of town now. It was great to see them all, and it felt like senior year all over again! Ashley threw a tailgate for the Iowa game.. because none of us had football tickets and it was much more fun to chill out in the crazy heat with each other's company.
Falling asleep in the heat??

Al and I and the Jeep behind us I wish I owned.

These three are a part of my very first group of friends. The one on the right I've known since high school when we were in a math and science nerd program together.

Donati, you look surprised!

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