Sunday, October 14, 2007

End Of A Chapter

.. and not necessarily a super successful chapter, but it was a fun ride. (literally)

ECCC Mountain Bike Eastern Championships were this weekend in the Catskills up at Plattekill Mountain, NY. Saturday morning was a chilly one, 33 degree claimed the weather channel, although it may have been slightly colder. In any case, the weather a week earlier had been 85 degrees, so it was quite the change. This last collegiate race was at the same resort my very first race was in 2004. I was dreading the course thinking it was the same one, but we started on TOP of the mountain instead of literally having to ride up and back down, thank GOODNESS! The XC course was an absolute blast - there were hidden drops depending what side of the rock you decided to go over - the right side of a rock would be an inch drop, and the other side would be a foot and a half drop. *Someone* accidentally went to the left on the one part and went flying off her bike after dropping farther than she thought.. I don't know WHO that was, ha ha.
Andy, Ryan and Jess staying warm.

This was a pretty sweet picture of me in the dual slalom race.

Andy suffering through 20 minutes of pain in the short-track XC.

My buddy Caitlin rocking the STXC course.

Ryan and Jimmy after a treacherous Mens A STXC race.

We watched the pro downhillers dominate the mountain

After watching the crazy downhillers, we had a rough time walking back down the mountain.. the slope was so crazy we had to lean back! haha.. slightly exaggerated here..

I wish I was cool enough to do this.

But I was cool enough to get a professional pictures on Derailed's webpage:

Sweet. May there always be dirt to jump and rocks to fly over.

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Ed Plumb said...

I want to see a picture of you going off one of those jumps! fun reading through your blog. keep it up!