Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Hail You Say??

High today: 86
Low today: 64
Weather: T-storm, hail, and rain, 0.20 inches

Today the relief of this Indian Summer came, with a nice gust front this afternoon. I was at work watching the radar and knew I'd be in trouble if I didn't leave a bit early today for choir. There was a defined outflow boundary and the whole weather station was going ballistic as usual when weather happens. As I biked up to the music buildings, I knew I wasn't going to quite make it.. the raindrops began to fall when I was up on Curtain Road and traffic was blocking my speed there. Luckily it only began to really pour just as I was able to quickly lock up the bike and run under the roof. It was fantastic, the rain started falling, then HAIL!!! I can't say I've seen hail in State College for 3 or 4 years. Once I remember being in Walker and having pellets falling on the window sill.Random, but I just figured this out: 6 weeks down, 10 to go (9 of actual school) and 73 days til graduation! Oh I swear I'm not counting.. and if I end up back in Fairbanks then about 90 days til I return?? Definitely less than 100?? Yeah, I like the sound of that...

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