Friday, October 3, 2008

Change of Season

High today: 32
Low today: 24

Suddenly it feels like March again but I am living in a new location this time around. The commute this morning was a bit challenging. It takes a lot more work to ride in the snow and takes a lot more TIME! That is going to be the big trick to commuting this winter. That, and the whole 40 below thing, haha.. oy!
Tonight I decided to make an impromptu trip with some friends up to the hot springs. Rumor had it that they got 6 inches of snow the night before so the drive was that much more appealing. We were almost the only people there.. it was great!! And the aurora was sorta out.. sorta. Barely. But there. Not like the surprise time in March. Now that I know how to take aurora pictures I hope to see it in all its glory again.. soon.

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