Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Hey! You Want a Ride Home??"

High today: 18
Low today: 13

I don't know why my brain sees snow and wants to go biking. While I'm slipping all over the place going half as fast as a normal day, there are times when I wonder why to put oneself through such a silly thing. But by the time I get to my destination, I think "Wow. That was fun!". On my way home tonight after 5 inches of fresh snow, my tires that are not-exactly-made-for-snow could slog no longer on the new snow on top of the several inches of packed snow we already had on the ground and I was forced to walk my bike another mile and a half. I tried several more times to start up again and it worked for 10 feet or so until another rut ruined my momentum. About three blocks from my street, a woman from way up in her driveway yells at me, "Hey! Do you want a ride home??" It was awesome. I politely declined since I was so close to my street, but it reminded me of why the people of Fairbanks have a pretty good reputation. Except for that idiot who was angry that I was riding on the side of the road and gave a nasty honk.. what a jagoff. Win some, lose some. :-) For now, we win lots of new snow (more on the way tomorrow) and I look forward to the ski season really kicking off.. maybe even some downhill skiing soon??? Maybe I will go test ride that Pugsley at Beaver Sports, too...

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Lisa_B said...

Hey Julie! I happened upon your blog (via Ed's, of course). It was fun to see you use "jagoff". It's such a Pittsburgh thing! I haven't used that word in a long time and, your use of it reminds me of how long a time it has been in use (I grew up in Pittsburgh --Squirrel Hill-- but left in 1979).

Catch ya around town!