Monday, October 13, 2008

First ski

High today: 23
Low today: 16

We got 4 to 10 inches of snow around town yesterday. Pretty flipping amazing. It just wouldn't stop! In town it was mainly 5 to 6 inches but the higher elevations saw more. Talk about winter wonderland.. yess!

Tonight I went for my first ski of the winter. (besides down the driveway, haha) It was a beautiful night and I didn't see anyone else on the trails.
Celine had us over for dinner tonight.. and check this out - it is a LITE BRIGHT TABLE! What a good idea! If I get bored this winter I am going to make one..


Maria said...

aw man.... LOVE the lite brite table! what a great idea!

Kristen said...

We're gonna have to go skiing!! :)

Carlene said...

I've got to see this table! Too cool!

Patty said...

hey, let's do it when you're here, hehehe