Saturday, October 4, 2008

Snow Ridin'

High today: 32
Low today: 14
Mileage: 10-ish

Oh the first snow ride! It is good to get back into kicking up the white fluffy stuff and occasionally sliding into a 90 degree skid. We have just enough snow to make it fun to snow ride and it was a comfortably warm day.
Celine and Steffen ready to rock and roll. Celine just bought her bike two days ago so we had to break it in. ;)
We were able to ride on the UAF trails since they have not yet been groomed for the skiers. We went down my favorite trail back there - the bicycle bumps which was a hoot in the snow. There is just enough snow that the roots are covered up so there were a few surprises under there. It's a shame we can't ride there all winter long. Below, Smith Lake is beginning to freeze up.
Steffen shot us off onto some trail in Goldstream Valley which was in poor conditions because of too little snow and we were basically riding on half frozen tussocks.. it was bumpy and a LOT of work to say the least. ;)
Getting back on flatter ground was a breeze after that one trail.
Tis the season for game nights and to bring friends together. This summer everyone was pretty scattered about so it is nice to have everyone together again and several newbie Alaskans!

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