Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pilot Jim and his first passenger

High today: 46
Low today: 26 Jim called me up while I was at work to see if I wanted to go flying this afternoon. What do you think the answer to that was? :-) Jim just got his private pilot's license a few weeks ago and I got to be his first passenger without an instructor! Yeah! Below he is doing all the pre-flight checks on the Cessna.
I attempted to get us both in this picture, but as you can see, my photography skills failed.
So concentrated on keeping us at a constant altitude!!
Fairbanks and the Interior lost all of its snow this weekend :( with south Chinook winds warming us into the 40s. Below is some of the little snow that is left. More snow is expected tonight into tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked about that.
So brown, Alaska! It was great to get up there anyway even though it wasn't top scenery. I almost forgot of the open spaces just 30 miles out of town! Jim and I were searching for moose but couldn't find any.. I bet they were there but blended in with the ground!
We flew towards the AK range, where the mountains have resumed their snow covered personalities through next June.You can see a bit of the higher peaks behind the first range.
All of the frozen lakes had cracks in them which looked like 100 people were ice fishing on them! No ice fishermen here.. just natural ice kinetics.

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Maria said...

that is awesome that you got to fly w/Jim! great pics. hope you can get up there again when you have better scenery to look at - still looks sweet to me though!