Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Runners to Skiers?

High today: 20
Low today: -3

It will be awhile til I consider myself a "skier" by any means because I am really not that good at it but I'm hoping to change that this winter! 7 months of winter should be enough time to get semi-decent don't you think? I like skiing, it is fun. Right now I am more entertained by downhill skiing but generally my interests involve gravity.. I like the downhills mountain biking, I like jumping over obstacles.. same thing goes for skiing. But I do like the workout too and the accomplishment of going for hours on end of something whether it be biking, running, or skiing. The exciting fast stuff and the slow and steady endurance stuff just involves a different mind set.. and it's definitely possible to do both.

Matthew, Karen and I went skiing today for the first time together. They are from Michigan so have a few years of it under their belt.
The trails do not have tracks laid down yet but they are groomed. Some corners were tricky without tracks but the temperature was great for skiing.
Below is the Beaver Slide trail which I hadn't even noticed before. There are a few "winter trails" behind UAF that are too boggy to bike on in the summer.
Below Rocky the Rockhopper gears up for the morning commute. Two things I am going to have problems with when it gets too cold.. the cold is bad for the front suspension fork and my brakes will freeze up since they use a hydraulic system. So far so good but it has not been too cold yet! This morning was our first morning below zero and the daylight is noticably changing. Here the winter begins!

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