Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Colorado, Again!

"...we will be staying at Loveland, CO." Loveland! I know where that is! Well, I knew it was near Boulder or Fort Collins. I remembered there were two "L" named places in the Denver metro area. All I knew, was that I got to go back to the Denver area sooner than I thought.. and that I had some more friends to see. :)
Funny thing happened when we hit the mountain-view. I suddenly forgot about this storm chase mission, and just went back into the comfort I felt a month ago in this same place. Felt at home in a place that I have never called home - I felt that I could drive around and knew where to go. Maybe being able to call up a friend and tell them you are stopping by has that effect on the mentality of a place. Maybe it's just a pull for whatever trails are waiting for me out there. Maybe it's all the cyclists and the separate bike lanes which create this Utopia for my lifestyle. Maybe it's the nice town areas and the chill mentality. Maybe I'm just a little obsessed with exploring this place a little more. And maybe someday I'll get my chance for a longer period of time.
But as you see, everyone was still working. I have been told that I got in with the best job in V2, working with the mobile mesonets, but there will always be a special place in my heart for weather balloons!That night, Craig, Dave, Leigh and Joe came over from Ft. Collins and Boulder, and had beverages with us V2 people. Two of them I didn't get to see last month, so even though it was such a short visit, that night was probably one of my favorites of the project so far.

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