Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, There are HILLS in Oklahoma!

Another "standby" day for Vortex2 - Kiel, a new buddy from OU suggested going hiking. I may have judged ahead of time and said "what? where?", thinking there is nowhere to hike in Oklahoma, give me a break. But, I was wrong again.
We headed about an hour southwest of Norman to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge aka the "Wichitas".
Lots of pretty flowers, awesome rock formations, buffalo, and longhorned cows.
After our wandering about to a couple of trickling waterfalls, we headed to Meers, one of the best ranked burger places in the country - and trust me, I have had my share of good burgers - these outdo the Hot Spot on the Dalton Highway, hands down - which says a lot. They actually slaughter their own cows at Meers out back. What I love is how in the middle-of-nowhere this place is.
Chasing-wise, the most exciting thing we have seen so far is some virga. But enough of a reason to stop on the side of the road.


Kelly said...

I didn't know that "cows" had horns ;)

Maria said...

That lizard picture looks like something out of National Geographic!

Mmm... burgers. "See my cows out front?" I keep thinking of great Twister quote everytime I think of you out there!

Wild Imagination said...

Man that brings back some memories. When I lived in OK during high school, I spent as much time as I could in the Wichitas. It's a surprising and lovely little gem of a place.