Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dover-Guthrie Tornadic Supercell

Today we went after a tornadic supercell in the vicinity of Dover and Guthrie, OK. Though most of the mobile mesonet team had a relatively uneventful day, my vehicle ended up on the north side of a tornado in a no-visual-rain-wrapped-hurricane-force-wind position. It was easy to feel safe since we were surrounded by other chasers, who may have been following us, but in reality we were not in the best spot since we couldn’t see what was going on. Just because we are with a big project doesn’t mean we can’t get in bad positions. This was the first day I got really nervous, for good reason. We had a close call with some debris. "Debris! Debris! We've got debris!" (sorry.. Twister quote opportunity!) I'm ok with hail, but not debris that could eat our van.
Somehow we came out of that storm without further damage to our windshield (go figure.), and I with a new perspective on tornadoes.. and how I don't really want to be that close to them. I no longer desire to be in a hurricane...

I'll be beginning to post videos on youtube when I get the chance. Here's a video of the sketchalicious conditions.

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