Friday, May 21, 2010

Three States in One Day

Last night, I was sitting with a bunch of friends from the project, and found out that one of the guys joining our group for the last 3 weeks needed to be picked up from Denver airport at 10:30 the next morning. I jumped on it, like a dog on a bird, with the thoughts that I bet one of the Coloradoans could meet up with me that morning. :-)

With less than an 8 hour notice, I was in luck as Marcie had the day off from work. (YAY!) She met me just off of the highway for a half hour, but for even that half hour, it was totally worth the 4 hour drive from Kansas. It was great to see her and Max again!
After picking Casey (our newest mesonet driver) up from the airport, we joined the rest of the Armada in Nebraska.
And tried to avoid cows, as they were plentiful on the road-less network we tried to chase in today.
It turned into more of a safari adventure, with cows on the road, running over dead snakes, and driving through grass to avoid getting stuck in big mud puddles. My navigator hooped and hollered when I drove the van through the field - and I reminded him, that I do live in Alaska. Things like this are not abnormal.. even though this terrain in a 2WD minivan is not what I would normally suggest.

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