Monday, May 10, 2010

First Big Day

Lots of nervous chatter this morning as we go into our first high risk severe weather day. All of the ingredients are right for a big outbreak and even the older dudes who have seen a hundred twisters have looks in their eyes that show something more than a leisurely tornado chase. These fast-moving storms (45-50kt storm motions) will test the nerves of everyone here. I just hope whatever twisters land aren't over any populated areas. My biggest fear is not being picked up in the wind, but having to drive through a demolished town immediately afterwards. Wish us luck!
SPC's convective outlook for today
Probability of tornadoes

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Leigh said...

half of my FB wall has been chattering about the forecast today - so of course, I had to check to see what you thought of it! Sending you tornado-formative wishes (with none harming people or property of course!)