Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're in Kansas, Anymore.

We headed north today to set up camp for a Thursday deployment. We will not likely see any tornadoes tomorrow, but should get a test run with a supercell and hail. I am ok with a gradual introduction to this whole driving-in-severe-weather thing. I have been told my particular section of deployment could be interesting with hail. I am kind of glad I don't know too much at this point because it is making me less afraid of what could potentially happen. Monday, though it is a long range forecast, is looking favorable right now for a potential tornado breakout. Stay posted on that one!
Today we performed an intercomparision between mesonets to see how close the instrumentation is recording.
Here's Kristin - my navigator and expert. She gets to make decisions and chose navigable roads for the first few weeks of the project.
We drove near Greensburg KS today, the site of an EF5 tornado in May 2007 which completely obliterated 95% of the town.
I caught a shot of the "tornado pods" that the CSWR is deploying. These are the "Dororthys" of today, about 50 lbs each, created to throw in front of an approaching tornado. This is the responsibility of another group of scientists.

Still having fun out here despite not experiencing any storms yet. I am surrounded by some of the top severe weather experts in the country, as well as rising experts who are my own age. It's quite inspiring, really! It is a strange feeling to feel so comfortable and so "at home" but at the same time, being completely intimidated by the breadth of knowledge of the people surrounding you. Maybe my brain is running in circles again. Maybe you understand?

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