Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First snow ride of the winter!

High today: 25
Low this morning: 19

For the first Wednesday I think all semester, I did not have a meeting to go to. And there was fresh snow on the ground. You know what that means, right?!!! SNOW RIDE!!!!! I tried to convince a few people to go but one had an exam, one was doing something else, the other one didn't answer their phone, so I went solo. It was soooooo much fun and it was good to get an idea of where my body gets cold in extended outdoor winter activities.. and you guessed it, my FEET! I have no winter gear for my feet while biking.. just wool socks. On the list of things that I need are toe warmers and shoe covers (although they are so ugly..) I guess.
This morning the snow cover was pretty sad..

But thanks to the shortwave that came through, we now have enough to cover the grass!
Self portrait pretty early in the ride. Like the way I duct-taped the headlamp to my helmet? Works great!!

I took a nice wide trail most of the way - the singletrack still has so many rocks sticking out that I didn't want to get a pinch flat with my tire pressure so low.

Kinda looks like Rocky is trying to turn white to blend in with the surroundings!

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