Thursday, December 6, 2007

Single Digits!!!

..for temperature, not for any other countdowns right now. ;)

High today: 28
Low this morning: 9... or 5 in some places

It was a good morning to test out the down jacket, and it did fantastic! All I had was one thin shirt underneath it too. It was one of those morning where your nostrils freeze up a little bit.. yeah, better get used to it. Several people said to me today, "this is warm where you're going!" JANUARY 10TH!!! Wahoooooooo! I got my flights today.. it will be a very very long travel day. I have a layover in Las Vegas which is sweet except that its way out of the way.. somebody claims there's a casino in the airport.. I just want to try just once. ;) Maybe I'll strike it rich on my way up, you never know. A little more snow expected tomorrow, hooray! Will all melt this weekend though which is a bummer. Oh well at least I got my wish of a little bit of snow and cold before the move. I should check out the long range models to see if there's hope for anymore..

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Leigh said...

i had a layover in las vegas coming back from uc-davis...there are slotmachines in the airport! i played until i lost a whole dollar, then retired my gambling career, haha.