Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kicking Up Some Snow at Holiday Valley

Today I decided to abandon State College and head up to New York with some friends to go skiing for the day. I was a bit nervous getting back on skis since I only learned how to downhill ski last year, but I ended up getting right back into it and even advancing to the black diamond trails! The snow was awesome powder, which made us really REALLY happy.
Jud smiling for the camera!

Vives making faces as usual

That's me, kicking up snow, hell yeah! Thanks for the great picture taking, Jud!

Petters was our lone snowboarder.

Aviva, Nat, and I smiling for the camera.

What is cool is that Jud and Aviva will be in Alaska this May!! They are taking a cruise then spending a week or two wandering and visiting me. I'm already counting down! It's so nice to say "see you in May!" to my friends here, because saying goodbye has been really really sucky. Can't I bring you all along with me??

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