Sunday, December 30, 2007

Road Trip To Erie

I went up to Erie for a few days to spend time with friends while watching Penn State kick Texas A&M's butt in the Alamo Bowl. We also went skiing at Peek'n Peak in western NY for a day. It was a nice break from the boredom of packing in Pittsburgh.
Like father like son, Mr. Spinelli and Matt intently watching the game. Eric went over to impersonate them.

Ok so we didn't "kick their butts" but I can pretend. It was still another glory bowl game for PSU.

Matt practicing his skiing skills on the Wii!

Eric and Matt hanging out on the slopes.

It was Donati's first time ever skiing. He did pretty well.

I'm going to miss Spinny sooo much! He promises to visit sometime (or maybe work in AK for the summer?!)

Woo sunshine!! It's so cloudy in Pennsylvania this time of year that the littlest ray of sunshine is nice to see.

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