Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 2: Destruction Bay, YT to Iskut, BC

Mileage: 649
Total mileage: 1098
Animals: Takhini Valley Elk herd and lots of caribou
We woke up to a beautiful morning outside our tent!
Today’s hilight was the herd of elk that crossed in front of us. And by herd, I mean close to 50 – and there may have been more. They kept coming until some of them decided that they didn’t want to. What was interesting is that the elk looked like they were thinking before they crossed the road- was smarter than deer or even caribou, that’s for sure. If I were to label the deer family in terms from smartest to stupidest, it would go: elk – moose – caribou – deer
Debbie enjoyed driving around Kluane Lake, while it took me about halfway around the lake to realize we were at Kluane Lake – a place many Fairbanksians talk about. The rivers and lakes were all still frozen but rotting – which made for spectacular scenery.The Cassiar highway made us go offroading within the first 10 miles of getting on it – I wouldn’t have wanted a small sedan on that section. The Cassiar is very windy in parts, but overall not too bad and in way better shape than the Denali highway.
Some caribou hanging out on the side of the road.

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