Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7: New tires, Rapid City, SD to Denver, CO

Mileage: 389
Total mileage: 3631

The tire shops in Rapid City didn't open until 7am, but I was lucky that the shop I went to was able to help me right away. I was able to get on the road around 8:30am for my destination of Denver, CO. I have been trying to get to Colorado for years, lured by the promise of an amazing mtb trail system, and finally got my chance. And now, I know a lot of people there, so it has become even more of a welcoming destination.
First though, I had a scenic day through windy Wyoming with my new tires and hoping they would hold up. Wyoming was overall much flatter than I imagined. But that was probably just because of the corridor I was driving through.

I was able to get to Denver at 4pm, which was my shortest 'long day' driving. It was very welcoming since I was now going solo, having lost my driving partner in SD.

I was so ridiculously excited to get to CO, knowing the smiling faces which would greet me there. Three of my old roommates from college are now living there and I would be seeing all of them in my short 3 days there. I sacrificed play time in Canada to spend time in Colorado, but I am happy I did.

I stayed with Marcie, Felix and Max in Denver. Here is a picture I got of them on my last day at their house.Below is Manushkka, another one of my awesome roommates from my last semester of undergrad.
Manushkka came over on Monday for FUNFETTI cake that Marcie had made me for my birthday. We celebrated a few days early since we were able to all get together on the 26th. Manush brought my favorite ice cream too. These girls are fantastic and so thoughful!

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