Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 9: Denver, CO

The other day when I had my car tire problems, Marcie offered to hire me as a nanny for a day or two to help deter the cost of my unexpected repairs. Though I was slightly hesitant to take away some of my already little time in Colorado, it would be fun to spend time with Max, I needed the money, and plus, everyone was at work. Though I could have taken out my bike on the trails, this was a better thing to do since it helped both of us out. :-)

Plus, Max is potentially the easiest 15-month old I have ever taken care of. We were bffs from the moment we met, and he loves being outside. So, I took him on a walk/run around a lake by their house. It was pretty hot, so he looks pretty wiped in this photo. I was kind of feeling the same, and was trying to get us down the correct road to find our way home.
That night, I got dinner with my good friend Becca who lives in Arvada, visited Manushkka again, and Craig came down from Boulder to meet up.
It was great to see everyone and I look forward to coming back!

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