Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 8: Fort Collins and Boulder, CO

Leigh took off work to spend the day with me in Fort Collins where she lives, and in Boulder - because I wanted to see this place for myself. We drove to Boulder to hike on the Chautauqua trails, which are highly developed trails on the southwest edge of town. Boulder felt a bit like Anchorage because of the similar landscape, but is a much nicer community. Boulder is a haven for atmospheric science and meteorology jobs, so a bunch of people from my undergrad also live here, and it is a potential place for me to get a job. We got lunch on the Hill, the college-area of Boulder, and then hit the trails.
Here's Leigh doin' a little dance!
We tried to not kill ourselves doing jumping pictures at the Royal Arch.
A view of Boulder coming back down towards the bottom of the trail.

We didn't spend much time in Boulder, since we had to be back in Ft. Collins for a CSU Cycling Club event at the New Belgium Brewery that night. I borrowed a bike off of Leigh and we rode on the most bike-friendly roads I have ever imagined.
So we get to the brewery, go to the girl at the door looking at IDs, to find out that I left mine in the pocket of my hiking shorts, which were 5 miles away. When we were going up to the door I was thinking, "that girl looks SO much like Sarah U!" Sarah was a roadie/track racing star on the Penn State Cycling Club with me, but I never knew her well since I only rode mountain bikes. Anyway, after Sarah wouldn't stamp my hand without my id and we had gone into the brewery, I said something to Leigh about that girl looking like Sarah, and Leigh says, "that IS Sarah U! I didn't know you knew her!" Of course I did. :) Needless to say I went back out to the car to tell Sarah who I was and that we knew each other from PSU Cycling and suddenly it clicked to her who I was too. Ha!! Then she stamped my hand so I could have some beverages. How's that for a story of getting into a brewery without an id and finding an old acquaintance?! We chatted for a bit and she was interested in Alaska and the winter riding/racing I have done and knew about the Iditarod Invitational. For whatever reason I am shocked that outside outside of Alaska knows about the Iditasport, but I guess other crazy cyclists do know about it. Here's a photo of Sarah, Leigh and I at the brewery.
On our ride home, I found an interesting bike...
Maybe the jolly green giant's bicycle???

Really fun day in these towns. I am in shock though how FLAT all of those Colorado roads were. I must commented on it 20 times over though 3 days. Sure there's mountains to the west, but the roads themselves are flat and fast! I was also in shock of how HUGE and populated the entire Ft. Collins/Boulder/Denver area is. I knew it was "crowded" but it seemed way huger and more populated than western PA. But, I still loved it and can see why so many other people do, too.

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