Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Last Ski of the Season?

High today: 43 F
Low today: 29 F
After fighting a nasty cold for a week, I felt good enough today to attempt a ski loop despite the 40 degree temps and thinning snow. There were two moose in the trail so I couldn't complete the loop and had to turn around. The trails still have a lot of snow on them by my house, but that is because we don't get any direct sunshine. It's a win-lose situation. Win snow, lose sun. So while most of main-road Fairbanks is void of any snow, we are stuck under 9.7" of snow still, and I'm not really complaining, because part of me thinks that a foot of snow is still plausible in this little place we call the subarctic.. and even with just a few inches of fresh snow, skiing would happen again. ;)

But, until that snow falls, I might call it quits for this season. Or maybe not, because it was actually very entertaining coming across a 20 foot section of snowless trail at a fairly good speed.. and couldn't stop because the trail is so icy. I braced with all my might for a launch forward, but somehow didn't hit the ground. Another one of those moments where I was glad no one was watching.

Last year my last ski was on April 25th, and the trails were in better shape than they are now.

On the up side, the aurora has been SPECTACULAR the last two nights! Last night was the second best one I have ever seen. No pictures though, because my camera is in the shop getting fixed. I bet tonight will be another amazing night if the high clouds decide to scoot out of the way!

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