Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back to the Big City

Had to return Aviva and Jud to Anchorage so they could board their cruise in Whittier. I could make a cd of songs that will remind me of this week.. all 1900 miles of it.. containing a lot of Indigo Girls (Galileo for sure, right Vives?) and misc. ones like Umbrella by Rihanna. There were moose not in Denali but on my street in Fairbanks, caribou on the Richardson Hwy that got a teeny bit too close to the car for comfort, bear tracks all along the trails. Some sucker would return to Fairbanks with a new commuter bike (I don't know who that fool is..) and summer would have begun in the state.
We met up with Jud's parents at Humpy's for dinner. Brings back good memories.
The 5th Avenue mall.. my favorite!
The mountain showed her lovely face again on a crystal clear ride back north.
And the frozen lake became liquid once again.

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