Saturday, May 10, 2008

Visitors from the East Coast

High today: 68
Low today: 43

Headed down to Palmer last night in excitement for two awesome visitors from PSU. The breakup on the rivers down south was neat.The mountains as usual were amazing, and even Denali showed her face at the south viewpoint in Denali State Park. Aviva and Justin have been planning to come visit since before I knew for sure I was coming back to Fairbanks. They flew into Anchorage since flights were $300 cheaper per person to fly there rather than Fairbanks from D.C. As soon as they got into town, we spent a bit of time in REI and then we went up to Flattop Mtn for a hike. Wasn't sure that we would make it to the top with all of the snow they got just two weeks ago. Before going up the trail, I checked to see if my initials were still carved in the wood from 2006, and they sure were! And LeeAnn's are still there from 2005 (btw, special shoutout of congrats to her for getting the job in Missoula!!) The hike was a TON of fun, but difficult since it was completely snow covered and consisted of a some post-holing.(Photo courtesy of Justin and Aviva) We made it to the top though!! I thought getting up that last steep stretch was easier in the snow than in the summer with loose rock. Once we were up there, it was a fun playland of snow and the views were spectacular of the Chugach in the background.(Photo courtesy of Justin and Aviva)Problem though. Now that we were up, getting down would be interesting. Jud had the brilliant idea of sliding down the slope. At first, this seemed ridiculous but ends up it really was a great idea. There was so much snow, none of the rocks were sticking out, there were small trees covered by all of that snow. So, down we went.. it was like sledding but on our behinds.. briliiant! I think we knocked about 800 feet off of our downhill by doing this 3 times.
(Photo courtesy of Justin and Aviva)Of course after Flattop we had to visit Moose's Tooth, the best pizzeria and brewery in the state. Mmmmhmmm!

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