Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hiking Granite Tors

High today: 61
Low today: 31

Got up early to do a "15-mile" hike with the cousins, Aviva, and Jud. Pretty ridiculous hike, but a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.. I only say ridiculous because that's the longest day hike I've done.. our GPS recorded 17.5 miles by the end. Everything was very dead at the beginning of the hike, burnt by the big fire in 2004, but neat in some mysterious way.. like you know that it all burned and that's crappy, but it's like a revival of the land, knowing that the fireweed has taken its place and it takes a little while for the old burnt trees to rot but slowly new life will take over and the hillside will be lush again. At one point I felt like we were walking through wheat fields of the Midwest. Not that I know, but this is what I imagine it to look like, except flatter. There was a lot of post-holing in parts of this hike also, like no one had done the entire loop for awhile. Either that, or previous spring hikers found a way to go around the massive wads of snow. The ridge was neat at the top, with the many "tors" that went on for a few miles. They were fun to climb and chill-out on.Sawyer found a friend in the rocks that SHRIEKED - it was a marmot!! Sawyer was ready to take a pounce at him and eat him.
Part way down the ridgeline, the weather turned sour as threatening skies daunted us, and soon there were ice pellets falling from the sky on our heads. It was only temporary, thank goodness, but as usual, made the hike that much more interesting.
Great hike and can't wait to do it again when things are alive and/or when colors are changing in the fall.

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