Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the Way to Fairbanks

High today: 60
Low today: 39

We attempted to climb Mt. Healy from Clam Gulch, but encountered some seriously high winds on the way up. I guess there are no trees in this picture to show you. Got partially up until I literally couldn't stand up anymore without being blown to the side. Kinda bummed since this is a beautiful hike.. but we headed to Fairbanks a little early. Awesome weather on the way up, and came home to greening and life! Everything was still very brown when I left on Friday and so alive when I got here today. Bit of dejavue from last summer coming into town and almost drove to my old home instead of my new one. Met up with Krista (in from PA for a month!) and Jana at Silver Gulch for some deliciousness. Nice face, Jana!

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