Monday, May 5, 2008

Cabin Life

High today: 56
Low today: 40
Things are going well adjusting to the dry cabin life. It is nice having my roommate here now.. I'm a lot less paranoid and it's nice having a buddy. We had fun this evening bike shopping (for her, not me, haha) and getting some furniture for the cabin.. OH and a GRILL! woohoo! We grilled some food for dinner. I love cooking on the grill and eating whats been cooked on the grill.

We went over to the water wagon to fill up on lots of water. The water wagon is just like a gas pump except the drinking water only costs 2 cents a gallon... I wish my car could run on water!
After a few weeks of trying to find a futon for sale, I decided that all of the used futons were in Anchorage which was not helping me up here! So we broke down and got the Walmart special and had a fun time putting it together.

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Anonymous said...

Not to appear skeptical, but that's a picture of it being put together, where's the picture of it "together?"
Or is there none?