Monday, May 12, 2008

Biking the Denali Park Road

High today (in FAI): 63
Low today (in FAI): 38We drove to mile 23 of the park road to begin what we planned to be a 25 mile ride deeper into the park to the Polychrome area, where we were going to jump off of the road and camp out in the backcountry.

Everything was still pretty dead and frozen at the park, but beautiful and quiet. No buses.. not very many people.. few cars.. Unfortunately, one of our riders hadn't been on a bike in awhile and her body wasn't too happy with biking after 10 miles.. so we turned back for the car. It was a pretty breezy day too so going was on the slow-side. Still a good ride even though it was cut short. I'm really itching to ride the whole road this summer. Once we got back to the car, we drove out to mile 30, the farthest the road was open for vehicles, and then back to try to find wildlife. We saw NOTHING except for bunnies and ravens. Weird. I think the bears and moose and caribou must have been hiding in all of the brown brush. As we're nearing mile 20 on the way out, I look to my right and *slams on brakes*, DENALI IS OUT!! WOOO!Somebody was excited, haha. I haven't seen the mountain inside the park until today.. even though we were still extremely far away. I would have liked to be at mile 65 at that point in time, but there's going to be many other chances to see it in the park, preferably with my bike. After the beautiful day was ending.. we headed back to Riley Creek for the night.

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