Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clearwater "Revival"

High today: 58
Low today: 45

Ok, so most of us have heard of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and since Dan and I were listening to them on the way down the Richardson after we lost radio signal, I decided it was only appropriate to name this entry towards that.. since we went to go float down the Clearwater River in Delta and it opened up not too long ago (hence the "revival"). A lot of the local lakes and other rivers are still frozen.

Say hi to my roomie Carrie who just moved here from NC on Thursday! Neither of us have completely unpacked our stuff at the cabin yet, but we still went out of town. We have the next couple of years to unpack, right??? We don't have much furniture yet anyway.
Dan all of sudden without warning, took his shirt off and jumped in the 30-something degree water. What possessed that kid to do that, I am not sure. But it was entertaining for us all. Too bad I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to get a shot of him in the water.
Here's Dan, Carrie and Ted enjoying a calm part of the run.
The river was completely open except for a few chunks of ice like this one.
The weather was spectacular for our float.. there were some really cool clouds. Some of the first convection I've really seen around here this year.
We found some big brown furry friends (moose, of course!) getting a drink.
The mountains were beautiful from the river.
The float we did was supposed to take "4-8 hours" but we did it in 3. I guess it is that long if you are actually "floating" and not paddling. We were pleasantly surprised to be at the lake at the end so quickly.
This is a crummy picture but it is a picture of the mountains in the rearview mirror driving back to Fairbanks. Both Dan and I were thinking, "Let's head south towards the mountains, not back to Fairbanks!"

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