Monday, May 19, 2008

Travel bug

High today: 64
Low today: 40

A couple exciting trips coming up. Next week I am going to Montana for a few days to "train" for some field work for my thesis. (aka train a little bit and play the rest of the time.. who said grad school was so bad???) This is a big deal since I've never been west of Indiana in the Lower 48 and out west is where I originally planned to go to grad school. This trip was pretty last minute so I haven't had a chance to get psyched about it yet. The guy who is "chauffeuring" me around is really cool too, so I think the trip will be a lot of fun. Two weeks after the Montana trip I'm going out to Nome and places along the Seward Peninsula for some more field work with a post-doc I'm working with. For this trip we will be traveling by plane, boat, 4-wheelers, etc. Another really cool place. Let the fun begin!

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